Police are warning debit card users to change their PIN numbers on a regular basis, following the arrest of three men and a rash of complaints about attempted pin pad scams at local stores.
“We’ve got a total of nine complaints around suspicious activity around the machines from at least eight different businesses, and there could be others we aren’t aware of,” Halifax regional police spokesman Const. Jeff Carr said.
In some cases, the pin pads were stolen, he added.
Police arrested four men last week after an employee at a store in Mic Mac Mall noticed suspicious activity and called police.
Three men from the Montreal area were charged with several fraud-related offences.
Carr said detectives believe fraudsters may have been operating in metro since the beginning of March.
Apart from changing your PIN code regularly, police are also advising people to monitor their bank accounts and report any suspicious activity to their bank.
Retailers should fasten pin pads to a secure fixture and report any suspicious activity to police.

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