Tay Lo, 39, a single mom with two children, ages two and five, is an unemployed auto-parts factory worker. She attends math and English upgrading course five days a week through Ontario’s Second Career program and wants to train for a job in social work.

Lo has been without income since Jan. 12 when EI ran out. Her ex-husband has just been laid off and likely won’t be able to continue child support payments.

Lo’s budget hopes: Longer EI coverage and higher benefits. Protection for workers when companies go bankrupt. More financial support for unemployed workers in training programs.

More help for low-income families raising children.

budget reality: Lo is pleased the budget proposes to extend EI benefits for an extra five weeks to a maximum of 50. But since her benefits have run out, it won’t help her. She is disappointed the budget didn’t raise EI benefit levels or change eligibility rules.

She’s hoping the $1 billion earmarked for training will last long enough to see her retrained.