After months of debate over bike lanes and road tolls, a new issue has captured the limelight in the race for mayor: Character.

Take a look at past comments from some mayoral candidates who are no stranger to scandal.

1- Rob Ford

City hall’s most bombastic councillor is a magnet for controversy, yet neither he, nor his constituents, seem worried about it.

From calling Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti a “Gino-boy” in 2002, to lying about — and later apologizing for — drunkenly shouting profanities at a Maple Leafs game (2006) to declaring “Oriental people work like dogs ... they’re slowly taking over” (in 2008), Ford is no stranger to scandal.

2- Giorgio Mammoliti

Giorgio Mammoliti, who has mused about red-light districts and calling in the army to battle gangs, has had his share of controversy. Most notably, when an MPP, he was one of the loudest critics of proposed legislation on same-sex spousal benefits.

In the legislature, Mammoliti said: “I believe children pick up from their parents and if we extend the definition of spouse and open up traditional families, those children will be influenced in a way that we’ll never, ever forget.”

3- George Smitherman

Furious George and his famous temper have landed Smitherman in the hot seat before.

In 2001, he called then Health Minister Tony Clement a “schoolyard pansy” for suing Dalton McGuinty after the premier accused Clement of being corrupt.

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