The RCMP surrounded a Salmon River home and paramedics were waiting nearby yesterday morning as officers negotiated with a young teenage boy.

The incident started at 9:45 a.m. when Colchester County RCMP were called to a Spruce Drive home.

“He had a knife and was threatening his family and was causing some damage to property in the house,” Sgt. Al Affleck alleged.

Family members left the home without being injured, after which police started communicating with the youth.

“After negotiating with him for about 45 minutes, we arrested him without any problem,” Affleck said.

He described the knife as a household knife.

By 10 a.m., eight police vehicles and an ambulance were parked on the street and nearby residents watched from a safe distance.

“Nobody knows exactly what is going on,” said one man walking up the street.

Broken glass was spread across the road as remnants of some of the property damage.

Police continue to investigate, but say charges are pending for property damage, uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

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