Add four more charges to the heap for Jimmy Melvin Jr.

Melvin was in a Sydney courtroom on Friday for an appearance on charges of assaulting three prison guards in the Cape Breton Correctional Facility in Sydney.

The alleged assaults happened on June 5 and Melvin was arraigned two days later, said Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service spokeswoman Chris Hansen.

He is also facing a charge of threatening a peace officer, relating to an incident in April.

Jennifer Gavin, spokeswoman for the Department of Justice, said she doesn’t discuss specifics on offenders but there are several reasons why Melvin could have been transferred to the Sydney jail.

Melvin was injured in an attack on Canada Day with another inmate in the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside.

Adam Joseph Leblanc, 21, was charged in July with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon after allegedly slashing Melvin’s face.