The lawyer for a prominent Canadian sports medicine doctor says his client will know details of the specific criminal charges against him after a first court date on Friday.

Brian Greenspan says Dr. Anthony Galea was arrested on Oct. 15 and released, although he was told at the time charges would follow.

The lawyer says there will be at least three charges including conspiracy and others under the Food and Drug and Controlled Substances acts.

The charges are allegedly linked to performance enhancing drugs.

Media reports say the FBI is also investigating allegations the Human Growth Hormone and another drug, Actovegin — which is illegal in the U.S. — were found in Galea’s medical bag during a New York border crossing.

Greenspan says officials did find the drug, but it was “a very, very small amount, and it was only for him.”

The lawyer said Galea has treated Tiger Woods, but insisted the golf star is not the story in this case.

Greenspan said Galea is a pioneer in sports medicine and is “looking forward for this chapter to be over.”

RCMP spokesman said Galea was arrested after a search warrant was executed on the Institute of Sports Medicine Health and Wellness Centre near Toronto on Oct. 15.

Greenspan said today that a hard drive and a medical device of some sort were taken from the clinic.

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