After you’ve reached the top of Seattle’s famous Space Needle and checked out the stunning waterfront, try putting a grip on a 20-pound flying, slimy salmon!

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is about the only place in the world you can give it a try, and believe me, it ain’t easy. It’s a long standing tradition for market fishmongers to toss a customer’s salmon 10 feet through the air to an area behind the counter for wrapping. This unique show attracts tons of tourists daily who gather around to behold the famous flying fish.

After observing these skilled throwers, I decided to try my luck at snatching a mid-air salmon or two. From a good 10 feet away the first one, a big wet 15 pounder, suddenly hit me square between the shoulders, almost knocking me to the ground. Not quite the result I was hoping for. The second fish-missile, which came a few seconds later, I miraculously did manage to somehow snatch out of the air, at least for a few seconds. I desperately attempted to grasp this slimy prize as it slid around before landing unceremoniously on the floor.


Oh well, it’s the effort that counts. Pike Place market is a vibrant beehive of activity, with great performing street characters, fresh local produce, and even a very cool magic shop. Just a stones throw from the market is another must see – historic Pioneer Square. Rich architecture, cobblestone streets, galleries and funky bars make up this area, which is Seattle’s very first neighbourhood. This is also where some of the city’s coolest jazz and rock clubs are found.

Despite all these fun things to do, two of Seattle’s hottest tourist attractions still remain the nearby grave sites of Jimmy Hendrix and Bruce Lee. Go figure.

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