While breast-enhancing surgery has become almost a norm for American women, men are also heading to the plastic surgeon’s office more often — to have their man-boobs (moobs) removed in a procedure referred to as gynecomastia.


That fact shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that each year the obesity epidemic continues to grow. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study that showed nine states increasing their obesity rates by 30 percent, which is triple the number of states that reported such a high percentage in 2007.


However, hormonal issues can also cause the growth of moobs. A test is required if a hormonal imbalance is a possible cause. Dr. Bill Johnson, plastic surgeon at Innovations Medical in Dallas, Texas, explains:


“Any man that’s having a discharge from his nipples, that’s definitely a sign that you need to have an evaluation,” he says. “Also, folks that have very large breasts that aren’t particularly overweight or particularly heavy anywhere else.”