As Lady Viktoria dragged a fork across her bound and blindfolded husband’s chest, his yelps of surprise made the crowd chuckle.

“I’m just trying to get your nipples erect, hon,” smirked Viktoria, as the audience hooted with laughter.

Clearly this ain’t your grandmother’s sex convention.


Lady Viktoria’s Pervy Play Time seminar showed spectators just how much fun they could have with everyday household items. It was just one of the features this weekend at the Cunard Centre’s successful Everything To Do With Sex Show.

It seems Haligonians love their sex, as massive crowds filled the weekend-long convention.

“It’s been overwhelming how many people have been attending the show. All different ranges of ages, all walks of life,” said Rachel Dodds, who runs the company Sexy Girl.

It seems inhibitions were checked at the door, as crowds filled Dodds’ seminars with names like Unleash Your Inner Fellatio Goddess. The Sexy Girl booth even sold out of tushie cleanses – whatever those are.

“The kind of people who have been coming into our booth and the products they have been purchasing, you would never put them together,” said Dodds. “Ever.”

Other booths ranged from fancy glass sex toys, to nude body painting, to lingerie to instructing how to properly whip and spank your partner. Given this, the environment was surprisingly relaxed.

“The people are awesome. Everybody’s so much more outspoken about sex,” said Tricia Morden, who spent the weekend modeling lingerie.

Her fellow model Corinne Coleman-Milley said she loved seeing so many normal people being open about their sexuality. It made strutting around in lingerie easier.

“I walk around in less at the beach, so it’s not really a thing. And everybody’s here to see that sort of stuff, so it’s not anything to feel uncomfortable about,” she said.

For those who missed it, there’ll be the second annual Everything To Do With Sex Show next year.

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