From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter, it’s now hard to imagine life without social networking. There’s a new generation upon us — location-based social networking. Kathy Kiely sat down with Dennis Crowley, a Medway, Mass., native and the co-founder of Foursquare, to learn more about the art of “checking in.”

How does Foursquare work?

Foursquare was designed to facilitate meet-ups after work. You broadcast your location by “checking in” on the app and the hope is that people show up and make the night a little more interesting. But Foursquare is also about sharing the places you go — bars, restaurants, parks, etc. — so others can live vicariously through your experiences. You earn badges based on your check-ins.

What does it mean to be the “mayor?”

In Foursquare we have this mechanic called the “mayor.” If you’ve been to a place more than everyone else in the last 60 days then you become the mayor. It’s just a title, but many venues have decided to give mayors special treatment. For example, a coffee shop may write the name of the mayor on the blackboard or a restaurant may reserve a special table for the mayor.

How does Foursquare relate to brands?

Brands are getting involved. We’ve worked with companies such as Marc Jacobs, Lucky Magazine, Bravo TV and MTV. Tips don’t have to be just about bars and restaurants. For example, they can be little nuggets of history from the History Channel or what happened on the show “Top Chef,” courtesy of Bravo.


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