1. For the teetotaler

They won’t miss the booze with these delicious natural spritzers.

$4 per four-pack, www.rwknudsenfamily.com

2. For the fabulous and responsible

Pommery, the brand that brought us those adorable mini champagne bottles, now helps us toast guilt-free with their new eco-friendly POP Earth champagne, which uses sustainably grown grapes, a lighter glass for their bottles and recycled paper labels.

$55, www.sherry-lehmann.com

3. For the cosmo-loving ‘Sex and the City’ fans

“Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field has created a limited-edition bottle for SKYY vodka. “[Since both brands] are world labels, I thought, ‘Let’s take the iconic skyline in “SATC” and pop in an Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.’ I think the twinkly stars really define the life of these girls in N.Y.,” says Fields about the design. We hear the cocktails shaking.

$18 at stores nationwide

4. For the beer connoisseurs

Forget bringing a bottle of wine to your next dinner party. Besides their beautiful packaging, Goose Island’s new line of Belgian-style ales pairs beautifully with meals.

$10 for four, Whole Foods


5. For the eco-and design-conscious

Boxed wine used to be so declasse. But this isn’t like showing up with Franzia. For their organic blend, Yellow+Blue uses Tetra Paks, which preserve wine just as well as a bottle, but are more eco. And there’s no stress about one of these breaking on your way to the park.

$12, www.ybwines.com