People all over the world understand the benefit of a hospital for children, so when Ray Moffatt calls for pledges for the CN Cycle for CHEO, the money comes from far and wide.

“I’ve solicited a lot of funds from all over the place,” he said. “I’ve had a large amount of support from a large number of colleagues in Dallas, Texas, as well as colleagues in China and in India.”

There have been few instances that Moffatt, a father of four, made use of the services at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and has run into more people who have.

“Regardless of the outcome, people will speak very favourably of their experience at CHEO,” he said. “You get the sense in the community that the money goes for something good. You actually see the returns in the form of people’s experience and how they talk about CHEO.”

On Sunday morning, cyclists will ride in the 18th edition of the CHEO Foundation’s fundraiser for pediatric cancer.

CHEO Foundation vice-president of development and corporate relations Kevin Keohane said organizers set a goal of $500,000 this year, which is slightly less than last year, partly because of the slumping economy.

Staged at the Nortel site, the annual event has 30- and 70-kilometre rides, a 12-km in-line skate route and a 5-km walk.

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