The countdown to the 2009 CHEO telethon kicked off Wednesday with the unveiling of a new campaign logo.

The new logo was designed by Neecha Klee, 15, a Grade 9 student at Gloucester High School, who won a contest put on by the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario to design this year's logo.

The new logo, which depicts a stitched teddy bear holding a stuffed little girl, will appear on all telethon merchandise and advertising. The logo and campaign was unveiled at a ceremony at Gloucester High School on Wednesday.


For her efforts, Klee was given a new camera and a framed copy of her artwork, and the school was awarded a $1,000 bursary. Klee is on a school committee to determine the best use of the money.

Klee first heard about the competition when her teacher came into class and told the students to "draw a teddy bear" for the contest. After a few redesigns, Klee learned in class that she won.
Her reaction?

She "jumped up and down right in the middle of class, screaming, 'I won! I won!'"

The award is a boon for artistically inclined Klee, who "loves to sing, play guitar, and (is) always doodling in (her) notebook."

"I want to be a tattoo artist, so I think this will really help me with that," said Klee.

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