Tasty trio shows off Chevy’s new global design language


Chevrolet’s new superminis were designed with a global market in mind.


Making their all-singing, all-dancing debut at the New York auto show, a trio of new concept cars proves that Chevrolet is in tune with buyers’ demands across the world.


With the ’raps’ well and truly off, the Beat, Groove and Trax could well hint at the next small Chevrolet to climb its way up the charts.


Created at GM’s design studio in Incheon, South Korea, the new superminis were designed with a global market in mind, and by making their live debut in the U.S., the newcomers underline Chevrolet’s commitment to offering its product range across the whole world. At the same time they reflect changing tastes in the North American car market, where smaller, more fuel-efficient models are recording sales gains each year.

The most butch-looking of the trio, the Trax, is an urban-crossover concept — a car that would be as at home scooting round town as it would rocking over rougher terrain. Powered by a small but punchy 1.0-litre gasoline engine, it features dent-resistant bumpers, a rear-mounted spare wheel and funky 16-inch alloy wheels.

But the really clever part is its all-wheel drive system, which features an independent battery pack and electric motor to drive the rear wheels, providing a low-cost, easy-to-fit, four-wheel drive set-up with no negative effect on fuel consumption.

The Groove, on the other hand, has more of a retro-styled look, recalling styling cues from swinging ’60s hot rods to create a city car that would really stand out in urban traffic. The 1.0-litre diesel car’s 17-inch alloy wheels are in the extreme corners to help create a practical, spacious cabin, while the upright windscreen adds further to the interior’s air of practicality.

Completing the trio is the Beat — aimed at a younger, even funkier audience. Powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine, the three-door Beat has the look of a high-tech, high-performance small car, with bold-looking alloys, bright ’Vertigo Green’ paint and mean-looking LED headlamps that run the entire length of the hood. Fibre-optic lights in the headliner give the car a relaxing ’sky-at-night’ feel from behind the wheel.