Interestingly, the V6-powered Camaro RS and the V8-powered Camaro SS look virtually identical to one another, apart from some minor visual cues and a single letter of their badges.


With horsepower ratings at 306 for the RS and up to 426 for the SS, the strong visual similarities mean that opting for the higher-end model is almost entirely an output-motivated decision.


With a Corvette-derived 6.2-litre V8 under the hood, Camaro SS drivers who opt for the standard six-speed manual get 426 horsepower on perpetual standby. Automatic models get 400. Learn to shift yourself, enjoy the extra power, and save the $1,500 for speeding tickets and car wax.


At the end of the day, Chevrolet has made the Camaro SS a potent performance weapon that’s also sensible and comfortable enough for day-to-day use. Complaints include a modest-looking cabin with a low-budget feel to most trim pieces, as well as very limited outward visibility.