After more than a decade away from Queen’s Park, Bob Chiarelli is on his way back.

Chiarelli won Thursday’s byelection in Ottawa West-Nepean by about four per cent in what turned out to be a two-person race with Conservative challenger Beth Graham.

Chiarelli won around 43 per cent of the vote. Graham took about 39 per cent.

New Democrat Pam FitzGerald and the Green party’s Mark MacKenzie came a distant third and fourth respectively. Both had around nine per cent each.

Chiarelli represented the area until 1997 when it was called Ottawa West. He then moved into the mayor’s chair at Ottawa city hall, before losing that position to Larry O'Brien in 2006.

At his campaign celebration at Marshy’s in Centrepointe late Thursday night, Chiarelli thanked all the volunteers for their support.

In his eighth campaign, he said he received support and kindness from many people.

“I have tremendous gratitude for so many of you,” he said.

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