Rather than attempting to regain the mayor’s office, Bob Chiarelli feels he is most needed in Queen’s Park.

On Monday, Chiarelli announced he will be seeking the Liberal Party nomination for Ottawa West-Nepean.

The riding is currently held by Jim Watson, who will step down to mount his own mayoral campaign.


There had been speculation that Chiarelli might take another run at the mayor’s office. After 10 years as MPP and nine years at the head of municipal government, Chiarelli said he felt uniquely positioned to act as a bridge between the city and the province.

Chiarelli finished third in the 2006 mayoral election that turned on a light rail plan that was cancelled when Larry O’Brien was elected.

If the city continues forward with the new plan, Chiarelli said he would support and promote that plan at the provincial level.

No date has been set for the by-election.

President of the Progressive Conservative Riding Association for Ottawa West-Nepean Cathy

Pendrith said that while Chiarelli had great name recognition, there was a reason he did so poorly in the 2006 election.

Pendrith said they are searching for candidates but they have not yet set a date for nomination.

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