OWEN SOUND, Ont. - Police have a message for parents - don't let your child play with your cellphone.

Police in Owen Sound, Ont., say a youngster - probably around 4 or 5 years old - really got their attention on the weekend.

The child was playing with a cellphone and called the 911 emergency line 400 times.

The child, named Alex, may have been learning a valuable skill for the future but tied up 911 service for hours.

Alex may not be much of a listener since repeated requests to speak to his parents and to stop calling 911 were ignored.

Dispatchers calling and shouting into the phone to attract attention didn't work.

At one point, an adult could be heard in the background asking if the child wanted pie.

Police say the parents may have thought the phone was inactive.

They say deactivated phones or pay-as-you-go phones with no minutes left can still call 911.

They think the calls were coming from the area of Highway 21, five kilometres south of Port Elgin. (CKNX)

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