A Libyan Airbus jet crashed early yesterday as it tried to land at Tripoli airport, killing 103 people on board and leaving a young Dutch boy the sole survivor, Libyan officials said.

The Airbus A330-200, which had been in service only since September, was flying from Johannesburg to the Libyan capital when it crashed just short of the runway around 6 a.m., the airline and planemaker said.

The aircraft is the same type as Air France Flight 447, which crashed in the Atlantic on June 1 last year. The cause of that crash has not been firmly identified.


Saleh Ali Saleh, an executive with Libya’s Afriqiyah Airways told Reuters 62 Dutch nationals had been among the passengers and crew on board the plane which crashed yesterday.

“Everybody is dead, except for one child,” said Libyan Transport Minister Mohamed Zidan. The plane was carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew, Libyan officials and executives from the airline said.

The minister said the survivor was 10 years old. Other Libyan officials said the child was a boy and was in a stable condition after surgery on leg fractures in a Tripoli hospital.

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