Police seek help finding author

Jeff Hodson/metro vancouver


Vancouver Const. Howard Chow points to the distinctive capitalized “A” that police hope will help lead them to the author of a threatening note found on a door in East Vancouver.

A note threatening to kidnap a teenaged girl was tacked to the front door of her home in East Vancouver, police said yesterday.

“It’s a very disturbing note,” said Const. Howard Chow, a spokesman for the department. “It is chilling just to read.”

The note, tinted blue from forensic chemicals, has large sections blanked out by police officers.

It reads:

“Important. Hello: I’m the man who follow you to your house with a hammer. I know you are Asian (young) … My intention is to kidnap you and I know where you live … and I will get you soon!!!”

The note was released yesterday in the hopes that someone might be able to identify the author by his handwriting.

In particular, the capitalized A in the words “Important” and “Asian” are a distinctive delta shape.

Chow said it was found July 30 attached to the front door of a home in the area of Grandview Highway between Rupert and Renfrew streets.

Police believe that the 17-year-old was followed home from a nearby bus station just before midnight on July 29.

Officers have taken steps to ensure the girl’s safety, Chow said, but would not elaborate.


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