Chinatown is becoming beautified one mural and mosaic at a time with the help of some young Calgarians.

In correlation with Chinatown’s 100th anniversary, Janneane Madill took it upon herself to help co-ordinate various art projects around the community.

“Because we have an obscene amount of graffiti and tagging down here we wanted to do something that was going to kind of, I guess, put an end to it or decrease it a great deal,” she said.

Madill, along with 17 young children and four youth leaders, created a colourful mosaic that depicts images from China and Calgary.

“I think once we see the end project it will be overwhelming, so all the hard work is worth it.”

The mosaic is now mounted in the Impark parking lot between 2nd and 3rd Avenue west of Centre Street.

Madill hopes the art projects will help to increase foot traffic and revitalize Chinatown.

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