Aftershocks of the earthquake in China were felt in different ways around the world, finding their way to Calgary where the Chinese community is banding together to grapple with the tragedy.

Calgarian Bonnie Tan has family in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, and said she was lucky to get a hold of them to ensure they were OK.

“Every hour, I talked to my dad to see how it was going,” she said. Her brother, who also lives there, was driving at the time the quake struck.


“He thought maybe it was a problem with his car,” Tan said.

With her mom staying with her here in Calgary, Tan has stayed in close contact with friends in Calgary who also have loved ones and friends in the region, sharing information and confirming their safety.

“People are shocked,” she said. “We were so relieved that the people we know in that area were OK.”
The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre is currently offering its space free of charge to qualified organizations wanting to fundraise for relief.

Last estimates indicated a quake death toll of 15,000.

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