There are a lot of familiar booths, and faces, at the annual Gas and Oil Exposition in Calgary this year.

But there's also a major new player.

"Now, we have no customers in Canada," said Yanli Zhang of China's Landy Energy Service. "We can show our product here, maybe find some customers here, and then try to develop our market here."

Chinese companies have two large display areas at GO Expo, one fronted by China Petroleum and Technology Development, the other encompassing more than a dozen private energy firms.
"We want to show our product to the world," said Ivan Gong of the Shanghai Koko Valve Company. "We think our product is mature enough to gain the world market."

The Chinese have had a minor presence at the GO Expo in past years, but their displays are by far the largest at the 2009 edition. Other foreign energy corporations, from Korea, Kuwait, France, and Sweden have also set up shop.

More than 700 manufacturers and up to 20,000 potential customers are expected to register for GO Expo, which is being held at the Roundup Centre. The show will conclude on Thursday night.

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