President’s Choice Chocolate Cream Pie.

For labour Day weekend, it’s time to ponder on whether you should eat this! (Or not.)

• PC Chocolate Cream Pie

• PC Coconut Cream Pie

My favourite American word ispah. I’ve had my share of pah — apple pah, blueberry pah, strawberry and rhubarb pah and, of course, coconut or chocolate cream pah. I was happy to hear about PC’s pah release.

These pahs are dense, so you can serve small slices. They have tasty crumb crusts, and are full of cream and sugar — 29 g of sugars, 28 g of fat and 410 calories in a 114--g serving — so only pah hogs will oink for more.

The coconut cream pah was a mite too sweet. The chocolate cream pah put me in pah hog heaven.

Suggested Cost: $6.99 for one 685-gram pah.

Where available: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Fortino, Your Independent Grocer and Zehrs.

Buy/Try Again: Yes, yes.

• V8 Low Sodium Vegetable Cocktail

Upon absorbing the low sodium version of V8, your palate will ask “Where’d the salt go?!?” But in each of these so-called “1 Vegetable shot” cans, you still get the same vegetable cocktail goodness of the original blend, only with roughly 75 per cent less sodium. The 156-ml cans are good for light lunchers and munchers, and if you have issues with salt, then this will do nicely. If not, you might as well give in to temptation and — with all apologies to Kim Mitchell — “might as well go for sodium, nobody hurts and nobody cries …”

Where Available: All major grocery and convenience stores.

Suggested Cost: $2.69 for six 156-ml cans.

Try/Buy Again: No.

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