Christa Kroboth before



after her Style By Jury makeover

What’s your first impression of Christa Kroboth? When she walked in front of our jury in her owlish glasses, they said she looked like “a wash and wear girl just back from a camping trip.” Their first impressions ranged from “she’s like a frumpy baseball coach” to “she has no sex appeal whatsoever” to “she looks like a little mouse, intimidated and scared.”

Christa was shocked to hear it, saying, “Inside I feel like a lion, not a mouse.” The truth is this nature lover doesn’t give a roar how she looks in the wild. She runs a business called A Stroll In The Park, which gives single nature-lovers a chance to meet and spend time together outdoors. But after 17 years in business, Christa is still single and definitely not a good billboard for what she does. It was clear that she and her business both needed a makeover.

So we hooked her up with business coach Harvey Cohen (, who helped her to make over her sales and marketing strategy.

Christa’s glasses were the next to go thanks to Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan at the Herzig Eye Institute ( Then it was off to see the dynamic dental duo of Dr. Armaghan Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw.

Christa told them she was nervous about kissing because she had a loose tooth and was afraid it would pop out at the wrong time. So they repaired her damaged teeth and improved her smile with a new dental bridge and six gorgeous Pro-Art veneers.

Our wardrobe stylist David Clemmer didn’t have much to smile about when he saw Christa’s closet. “It was full of sweats, tanks, and tees, and everything had her company logo on it. She’s snug as a bag in a rug,” One of the other outfits she showed David was a tennis skirt and short-sleeved top that he said made “her look like a 16-year-old who just rolled out of Wimbledon.”

She needed some proper outfits to grow her business. So he took her shopping at Tzatz Designer Fashions (, where Christa found great jeans and some gorgeous pieces that made her look professional, polished and sexy.

Then it was time to see hairstylist Johnny Cupello, who joked that fixing Christa’s bushy hair would be “no stroll in the park.” He gave her a layered cut with a rich new colour and sent her off to see makeup artist Korby Banner. His advice for Christa was to keep her hair, eyebrows and lips in the same colour scheme to bring an all-over harmony to her face and achieve a look that doesn’t look made up.

Christa’s transformation was now complete and she was looking gorgeous, but she still had to complete her business makeover.

Cohen had helped her get started, but he had one final challenge waiting for her. She would be flying solo and either crash and burn, or make her business boom.

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