They are both home to seasonal arenas closed for the summer. A throw away from baseball fields where kids and adults play league games on Sundays.

A whiff away from residents trying to get used to the idea that they now have garbage dumps a short walk down their street.

But that’s where the similarities end between the two communities dealing with temporary dump sites: One in Christie Pits and the other on the edge of Runnymede Park.

The Friends of Christie Pits Park, a group of young, organized, slogan-ready activist types, started kicking up a stink days before the site in the park was officially announced. In the past week, they have held rallies and media briefings, called councillors and signed petitions to dissuade the city from opening a dump in their park.

Memories of the last strike also motivated the Friends of Christie Pits Park to get organized.

The quieter folk living near Runnymede Park have taken a more passive route: Acceptance.

“What’s the point of arguing?” Mario Capizzano said with a shrug.

“People have to understand the garbage has to go somewhere,” the retiree said.

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