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Christine Brett before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Christine Brett? She appeared in front of our jury in a long, faded, floral print dress, leather sandals, big owlish glasses, tired eyes, and a mop of frizzy brown hair.


Christine has spent most of her life caring for others and putting herself second. She’s raised three daughters and now works as a personal assistant for a family with two small children.

Her first stop was to see cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali Adibfar (www.DrAdibfar.com). He gave her a mini face lift, liposuction under the chin, some Botox and Restylane and several other nips and tucks.

To help her recover, we set her up at the Pillar & Post Inn and Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. (www.Vintage-Hotels.com). One of her side trips was to the Herzig Eye Institute, where she received laser surgery. Then it was off to see cosmetic dentists Dr. Armaghan Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw, who jazzed up her smile with a dental bridge and porcelain veneers.

Then stylist David Clemmer took her to the Ross Mayer boutique (www.RossMayer.ca) and got her into some fitted outfits.

Next, hairstylist Johnny Cupello cut her hair in funky layers and coloured it coffee brown.

When it came to skin tone, makeup artist Korby Banner said, “Christine will look best in makeup shades of pinks and lilacs, and should stay away from anything that’s orange or tawny.”

Christine’s journey was almost done. What first impression will she make now, and how will she react to one more surprise?

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