The recent economic downturn brings renewed resonance to a timeless tale of class division, redemption and hope.

It’s time again for Edmonton’s Christmas tradition: A Christmas Carol at Citadel Theatre.

Bob Baker, artistic director of Citadel Theatre and director of A Christmas Carol, provides a spectacle of period costumes, intricate sets and technical delights in this heartwarming tale.

Actors Kate Ryan and Julien Arnold, both longtime veterans of the production, noted a deepening importance of the story in light of the times.

“Art reflects life, and as artists we are seeing what’s happening,” Ryan said. “And Bob’s great because he keeps us aware of the real world, and how that affects the story and how important the story is and how timeless it is.”

“There is still a struggle between selfishness and selflessness in our society, and when there is a huge boom time, like until two years ago, it’s easy to give, it’s easy to open your heart and think about society as a whole,” Arnold said. “But when things are tough like they were in Victorian times, then it’s a struggle.”

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