Trade in the orange tan for an orange tabby.

A Google Chrome browser extension, Make America Kittens Again, promises just that: to replace photos of President-elect Donald Trump on news sites and social-media networks with photos of adorable cats.

Why? Explained simply by the creator: "Because seriously, f– that guy."

Offering more details, the developer writes: "A) Trump is a disgrace,B)Kittens are lovely, and C) I couldn't find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use."


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This NBC News special report swaps a black-and-white photo of Trump surrounded by supporters with some mischeviouskittens:

The New York Times' piece on Trump's cabinet picks gets delightfully furrier with two sleepy kittens:


There are some limitations, we found through testing. Make America Kittens Again won't kittify your Facebook or Twitter feeds, and it's a little buggy on some news sites, too. Fair warning: the extension isn't functional on Donald Trump's website.


But if you're planning to download this extension, odds are you won't be heading to the president-elect's web domain anytime soon.

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