The latest Chrysler 300 left a huge mark on the market with handsome and classical styling when it hit Canadian roads some years ago — and it’s been selling strong ever since.

By offering honest pricing, affordable luxury and a powertrain for any reason or season, Chrysler created an award-winning touring car that put the American luxury sedan back on the map.


Standard was a 3.5-litre V-6 with 250 horsepower. A 5.7-litre HEMI V-8 could be fitted with 340 horsepower. That figure climbed slightly towards the end of the generation. All-wheel drive was available with either engine.

What owners like

The 300’s styling, available V-8 power, honest pricing and comfort levels attracted many shoppers to showrooms — while a plush ride, easy-to-use cabin and overall value sealed the deal.


What owners dislike

Common gripes included slippery handling on snow and ice (proper tires will help a lot here), sub-par gas mileage with either engine, and limited visibility.

Common issues

Powertrain problems are more likely to be electronics-related than mechanical in nature. Ensure no warning lights are illuminated, the engine runs smoothly, and all instruments work as expected. A “scan” of the 300’s computer system is also suggested ahead of your purchase.

Have the underside of your potential used 300 checked for leaks, especially around the transmission and transfer case (if equipped with AWD).


At the end of the day, lower-than-average resale values, high-class styling and available HEMI performance should make the Chrysler 300 a popular choice with budget-minded performance and luxury enthusiasts.

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