Chuckwagon King Kelly Sutherland was suspended yesterday after causing the tragic accident that claimed the lives of three horses and injured one driver Saturday night at the Calgary Stampede.

Sutherland was suspended from last night’s final at the GMC Rangeland Derby for “unsafe driving” that contributed to the accident.

Lindsey Galloway, senior manager of corporate communications for the Calgary Stampede, said officials thoroughly reviewed different angles and tapes from the accident to ensure the responsible parties were held accountable.


“After our review we feel it was the unsafe driving of Kelly Sutherland that resulted in the accident that claimed three horses and injured another driver, Tyler Helmig,” Galloway told Metro.

“Our commitment to safety of all participants doesn’t allow for this type of behaviour and we feel we needed to take the necessary action. Our decision is final.”

Helmig was ejected from his wagon after it ran into the downed lead team of horses of Gary Gorst while they rounded the first turn in the seventh heat. Helmig was taken to Foothills hospital in non-life-threatening condition. Gorst was not injured.


  • One horse died on the track and the other two were euthanized.