The Cinderella Project is as much about mentorship and building self esteem as it is about fitting graduates with sharp dresses and snazzy suits, the event’s co-founder said yesterday.
“Our goal is to keep these kids in school,” said Heather MacKenzie at The Cinderella Project’s boutique day, held yesterday at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside in Downtown Vancouver.
“We let them know how successful they can be and move on to another level of their lives.”
The project, which pairs students with a Fairy Godmother or Godfather, provides graduates a dress or a suit, as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry, hair and makeup.
The Cinderellas, or Cinderfellas, come from low-income families and often face barriers like having one parent in jail. Some students care for younger siblings and work multiple jobs to support their families. Others are disabled or are terminally ill.
“Imagine a life where you have no one,” MacKenzie said. “You walk into a room and there’s hundreds of people here for you. I think that’s pretty magic.”

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