The Calgary police service is stepping up efforts in the fight against the escalating gang violence in the city, but is asking for the community of Calgary to help take back the city.

Police Chief Rick Hanson commended a man who called police Monday night after he saw a man walk into a family restaurant wearing body armour, and said more Calgarians should follow suit.

“I really appreciate the efforts taken by that dad last night God bless that guy. He asked the right question, ‘why is that guy wearing body armour in a family restaurant?’” Hanson said.

The man was a suspect arrested last month and charged after a search warrant on a Heritage Point home turned up pipe bombs, guns, ammunition and other weapons.

While Hanson said he believes the police have the support of the Calgarians, he said there is more the community can do. “A community based approach to crime and early prevention and education is key. We need to work with parents and teachers … and work with kids at an early age.”

Alderman Ric McIver agreed the community needs to focus on early prevention.

“People need to understand most violence in the city at the end of the day is related to drug activity and those taking part in it are basically helping put guns and bullets into the hands of criminals,” he said.

Stephen Snow of the Alberta Communities Crime Prevention Association said community members need to step up together.
“If you see a problem … let someone know.”

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