Negotiators with the City of Vancouver were accused of trying to interfere with Richmond’s civic bargaining, but one official said they’ve done nothing wrong.


Richmond CUPE chief negotiator Robin Jones said Vancouver officials asked Richmond to stall their discussions because they believed a deal would skew their vote.


“If Richmond settled, it would paint Vancouver in the poor light,” he said.


Richmond city officials dismissed Vancouver’s request and returned to negotiations.


The two sides subsequently reached an agreement involving a 17.5-per-cent wage increase over five years.

“It’s absolutely inappropriate for one city to meddle in another’s bargaining,” Jones added.

However, Vancouver spokesman Jerry Dobrovolny said the City did nothing wrong.

He doesn’t deny communication took place, but said the union’s charge of inappropriateness is the pot calling the kettle black.

“We communicate with other municipalities the same way various CUPE locals strategically communicate with each other,” he said.

The union’s complaint to the Labour Relations Board that Vancouver acted inappropriately was dismissed July 13.

“Nothing inappropriate was done,” said Dobrovolny.

“We’re very aware of the rules and we follow them.”