The municipality announced Thursday it is placing weight restrictions on the CN bridge near the base of Quinpool Road in Halifax.

According to a release from the Halifax Regional Municipality, the restrictions begin Friday and are being introduced because the 93-year-old bridge is showing “the effects of age, heavy traffic flow and weight.”

The release also said “steps must be taken to limit the size and weight of vehicles that cross over” until improvements can be made or the bridge is replaced.


The following restrictions effect larger vehicles that are single axle (7,000 kgs.), tandem axles (13,000 kgs.) or tridem axles (18,000 kgs.). This includes Metro Transit buses and will mean some re-routing.

Concrete barriers will also be placed on both sides of the bridge.

“CN has informed HRM that there is no indication of bridge failure,” the release said. “The barriers will protect the concrete parapets along the sides of the bridge from potential vehicle impacts.”

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