City council has approved the continuation of a $25,000 grant program for secondary suite applications, but some Calgarians believe it won’t help due to the application process for rezoning.

Tim Richter, president and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, said having the applications go through council is a recipe for suite failure.

“The problem is that secondary suites require a re-zoning, and every re-zoning application has to go to council. Despite strong public support, council is frequently at odds to approve.

“The vocal minority of Calgarians who call aldermanic offices bothered by suites appear to be winning the day over the silent majority who support,” said Richter.

Ald. Druh Farrell said lack of clear direction in council decisions is a concern.

“Council has been sending mixed messages on secondary suites.

“Clarity around the issue is necessary.”

Farrell said the grant program does nothing to address the mixed messages council has sent potential landlords, but is for those already zoned as such.

Ald. Gord Lowe said yesterday that he believes that the process for zoning suites is working as intended.

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