Slew of nuptials scheduled for ‘luckiest’ day

What does the number seven mean to you?

For superstitious brides and grooms in Ottawa, seven is the best day, month and year in which to say “I do” and launch their nuptials on what’s considered to be the luckiest day that we’ll see this century.

In a rare numerological happenstance, tomorrow is July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) and it falls on a Saturday — the seventh day of the week, by some calendars — a perfect day for a couple to celebrate their luck in love with a wedding. And Casey McKibbon, founder of, has been busy for months accommodating clients in Ottawa that wanted specifically to tie the knot on lucky July 7.


“I can’t tell you how crazy it is,” he said. “I would think it is triple the normal (number of clients).”

Anita DiPaolo a corporate blogger with, said 20 per cent of all the brides registered with Ottawa Gatineau Wedding Planners are getting married in July, and of those, July 7 has been the most sought after date.

Wedding venues also experienced a spike in the number of people wanting to hold their triple-sevens nuptials, said Glenna Camtosarcome, vice-president of Strathmere in Ottawa.

“There is a meaning behind it to each and every person,” she said. “The girls that are booked are all about the seven-seven-seven.”

Numerologist Viki MacKinnon, who has done workshops in Ottawa, promises that tomorrow will have a special, lucky influence on those who marry under it.

“The seven is a very spiritual and mystical number which also speaks to intuition and intellect,” she said. “The sevens in this date will add beauty and refinement to the occasion.”

Ottawa is particularly nice for incorporating the spirituality of the number seven into a wedding, she said.

“The weddings that are taking place in the lovely old churches and cathedrals … in Ottawa, there will be a very strong sense of connection with source,” MacKinnon said. “Acknowledgement and appreciation of the sacrament of marriage is going to be very strong around that date.”

The number seven is most often associated with luck. Opposite sides of playing dice combine to the number seven and three numbers on a slot machine, always called a ‘triple seven,’ is a winning combination, for example.

win-win situation

  • As an added bonus, not too many husbands are likely to forget this date for future anniversaries.