Mayoral incumbent Larry O’Brien has called opponent Jim Watson’s green plan “a big mistake.”

“The city can’t afford it,” O’Brien said at a media conference Thursday. “I’m here to make sure that everyone knows it.”

Watson is looking to bring new green power-generation opportunities to Ottawa, which will attract clean technology jobs to the city.

But O’Brien says residents will end up footing the bill.

“We might as well substitute the words ‘double-digit hydro rate hikes for Ottawa residents’ for ‘bold and swift’ in the Watson plan,” said O’Brien. “He was part of the government that made reckless investments in costly and unproven technologies, and then added the HST to our hydro bills. Now, Jim Watson wants to bring these kinds of costly and risky experiments to our city utility.”

O’Brien said he is “not prepared to run up hydro rates to look good in the eyes of environmental activists,” adding he would build for the future and be “very conservative with our financial planning.”

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