Tens of millions of dollars worth of city construction has been suspended because the strike by Toronto municipal workers has halted tendering.

One construction firm is worried the city will miss out on getting federal stimulus money if projects can’t be awarded and completed before Ottawa’s deadline.

Most large city projects involving sewers, watermains and road work are performed by private contractors who compete for the right to do the work.

Toronto’s website shows that 10 projects on which tenders were due to close this week have been suspended because of the strike. Most are for water and sewer work.

Bob Kaye, of Clearway Construction in Mississauga, said delays in awarding contracts could push some projects into next year’s construction season.

Kaye points out that the federal government’s special economic stimulus fund is supposed to help pay for some infrastructure projects this year.

Lou Di Gironimo, general manager of Toronto Water, said it’s unlikely the projects whose tenders have been delayed so far would miss out on federal infrastructure funding deadlines, even if the strike drags on.

“They don’t take that long to complete,” he said. “We’re OK from that time frame.”

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