From spending $4 million more than the asking price of hard-earned taxpayers’ money to build a parking lot in place of the Cecil Hotel, to $25 million for a pedestrian bridge, Mayor Dave Bronconnier has made some of the worst choices witnessed in decades.

Some say city council’s agreement to force the 19.5 per cent tax hike on the backs of middle class Calgarians is a positive influence for the economy. I say the council, very much Conservative, is simply covering their assests from investing in real estate, and they don’t wanna lose out on their cash cow.

Let’s also not forget that things the city could use, like the new hospital proposed, will not see the light of day until 2011. Yet it’s never too late to boost your own salary, charge more for a lousy public transportation service and install yet another parking lot. Those of you who wish to vote this man as mayor again next election, go ahead and call Bronconnier “mayor.” I'll just call him something else.