Break-ins top other large communities

“Even though our numbers are dropping, the rates are still unacceptable.”



The City of Vancouver has the second highest crime rate in the country, according to a Statistics Canada report released yesterday.


The report found that Vancouver had more break-ins than any other census metropolitan area with a population of more than 500,000.


The city ranked second after Winnipeg for violent crime, robbery, and property crime, and third for homicide after Edmonton and Montreal.

British Columbia, however, boasted the second highest drop in vehicle theft in Canada — at 16 per cent.

The drop has been attributed to the targeting of repeat offenders, increased use of anti-theft devices and the implementation of bait car programs.

Vancouver Police Const. Howard Chow, however, said the frequency of incidents is still too high.

“Even though our numbers are dropping, the rates are still unacceptable,” he said.

Chow said Vancouver’s drug problem is directly related to its property crime problem.

An addict, he said, has to steal $10,000 a day worth of stuff to maintain a $1,000-a day habit, which accounts, in part, for the 8,000 homes, and twice as many cars, that are broken into each year.

While the report also found that Canada’s overall crime rate hit its lowest point in more than 25 years, crime rates remained highest in the West.

Saskatchewan reported the highest rate for the ninth year in a row, followed by Manitoba and British Columbia. Alberta came in fourth.