Aaron Lynett/Torstar News Service


Two horses nuzzle together during yesterday’s snowfall near Kleinburg, Ont. Approximately 25 to 30 centimetres of snow was expected to fall between yesterday and early this morning. The City of Toronto estimates it will cost $4 million to clear the snow.

An army of snow fighters — all 1,600 — from the 200 salt trucks, 10 to 12,000 tonnes of salt, 600 snowplows and 300 sidewalk plows took to the streets last night to clear all the major road and highways for this morning’s commute.

Peter Noehammer, director of transportation services for the City of Toronto, said it has cost an estimated $4 million out of the city’s annual $65-million snow removal budget to clean up after the two-day storm.

While major highways and roads are expected to be in good shape by this morning, local roads and sidewalks are expected to take a little longer and are expected to be cleared by this afternoon. Over the next two days snow removal crews will target bus stops and crosswalks.

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