Edmonton’s military community should be recognized with a $300,000 statue that must be placed somewhere in the city’s downtown, a city report suggests.

City administrators came up with the plan after working with the Edmonton Salutes Committee, which recommends placing the statue at Veterans Park, Victoria Cross Park, Churchill Square, or City Hall Plaza.

“Edmonton is a military city and we do so much for the military,” Coun. Ed Gibbons told Metro in an interview.

Gibbons says building a statue is less expensive than changing the name of 97 Street — the road to the Edmonton Garrison.

The committee recommends the statue must recognize all three elements of the military forces — the army, the navy and the air force.

The city could seek funding through the federal government’s veteran affairs office, which offers up two programs to help communities recognize the military, the report suggests.

The Edmonton Salutes Committee has also offered to do some fundraising for the statue, but Gibbons says the city could encourage private business to chip in.

The report suggests spending more than $300,000 could add a “more creative or interactive” monument that should include a landscaped area.

The city’s executive committee will discuss the plans during a meeting at city hall on Wednesday.

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