In an effort to further lower the tax rate, council decided yesterday Enmax will not be exempt from the budget adjustments.

It was decided that Mayor Naheed Nenshi will meet with Enmax to request they increase their dividend to the city pot.

“I think that’s all right,” said Nenshi, adding Enmax earns about $200 million a year.

“If council wants to revisit that level, I think that’s OK.

“I really do think that needs to be done in concert with a full strategic review of Enmax.”

Ald. Brian Pincott, said Enmax already has a strategic plan endorsed by the city.

“I think it’s always tempting to look at Enmax and just take more money out of Enmax,” he said

Ald. John Mar said he doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for more. “I think there is absolutely room for them to increase the amount of the dividend 10 per cent to allow us to use that to help Calgarians and work our way through the budget crisis.” The amount requested by council would total around $4.7 million.