krista sylvester/metro calgary


Ron Chamney of the Calgary Fire Department.

Firefighters are fired up about cutting down wildfires this year, and they’re asking for some frontline help from city residents.

With the city in the midst of the heat of the summer, the Calgary Fire Department is distributing new brochures across the city to help educate people on how to prevent fires in dry conditions and nearby grass and trees.

Ron Chamney, a CFD community safety officer, was on-hand yesterday to promote the initiative he helped launch and talk about the safety measures people should take.

“I’m excited about this initiative because my philosophy has always been the best way to fight a fire is to prevent one,” Chamney said.

“A nice spring gave us a break but come July and August, we're in trouble.”

The forest fires in Kelowna and the Crowsnest Pass where more than 200 homes recently caught fire was a wake-up call for the Calgary department, Chamney said.

“If it could happen there, it could happen here. What we’re trying to do is educate Calgarians on the measures they can take to make their homes safe. We’re not just talking about the interior of homes but the exterior and in the yards.”

Chamney said leaving leaves or firewood next to a house provides a prime ignition source for a blaze to start.

And with Calgary growing closer to rural areas, the brochure also offers tips in preventing forest-like fires in the inner or outer city limits.


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