Twilight actors Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and 14 others learned how to fight for their action scenes at a Vancouver gym.

The third instalment of the Twilight franchise, Eclipse, is expected to be the most action-packed yet when it’s released next year.

Filmed in Vancouver, its actors trained at Studeo 55, a private club, for their roles.

Trainer Nathan Mellalieu said he was told when planning their training that the fighting scenes were going to be performed by the actors themselves, not stand-ins.

“Vampires are athletic, crazy strong and explosive, but they also have beautiful supermodel bodies,” Mellalieu said. “We couldn’t let them take on the physique of a hardcore athlete or body builder.

“Their training was very intentional — every move had a specific purpose in conditioning their bodies for this movie.”

Their routine included crossfit, MMA-style techniques and complex workout moves that used a lot of muscle groups with little rest between reps.

Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie, said the workouts changed their lives, “not to mention our asses.”

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