The city yesterday threw its support behind a plan to ban smoking in vehicles containing children under 16 years old.



"Smoking in a vehicle with a child in it is the moral equivalent of teaching your children to swim in a toilet bowl," Mayor Larry O’Brien said in support of a Liberal MPP’s private member’s bill.



The smoking ban was one of three proposals council backed yesterday that will require higher governments’ approval.

It also urged a provincial moratorium on uranium prospecting in eastern Ontario and voted to lobby higher governments to drop the sales taxes on bicycles.

The smoking ban received the support of all councillors except Orleans’ Bob Monette, who said he’d rather continue to educate people on the dangers of smoking in vehicles around children than impose yet another ban. He also questioned how the act would be enforced.

But Coun. Jan Harder said even if police or bylaw services had difficulty enforcing the law, public pressure would deter most people.

"When people are sitting in traffic and they see someone in smoking with a baby in the car, it will allow then to roll down the window and say, ‘Hey, stupid, butt out!" Harder said.

Anti-uranium activist David Gill said Ottawa now becomes his group’s biggest ally after it urged the province to implement the moratorium.