340 collisions on GTA highways, police report

After the third major snow-fall of the winter, the GTA is firmly in the grip of a deep freeze that has turned slushy roads and sidewalks into slippery obstacles courses.

In fact, says Environment Canada’s senior climatologist, David Phillips, today could be the coldest day so far of the winter with winds in excess of 60 km/h.


Police reported more than 340 collisions on GTA highways yesterday after nearly 10 cm of sticky wet snow first turned roadways slushy, then slick and icy when temperatures dropped.

Yesterday, travellers who had booked holiday packages with itravel2000 — a Mississauga-based online travel agency — prayed for further accumulation. Their hopes were rooted in a fall promotion whereby they would have their travel costs covered if 12.7 cm (5 inches) of snow fell on Toronto on New Year’s Day. The city has only received more than 12.7 cm of snow on New Year’s Day three times since 1937.

cold weather gone by weekend?

  • Environment Canada expects today’s cold weather to last for 48 hours then disappear by the weekend when temperatures are anticipated to rise above freezing.

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