City hall hopes to gain back “100 per cent” of the $4.5 million in additional funding needed to complete the Bloor Street beautification project.

The city’s public works committee approved the amount with little discussion Thursday after reviewing a staff report that highlighted expensive delays caused by underground obstacles, traffic signal issues and asbestos.

Chair Glenn De Baeremaeker said taxpayers probably won’t be on the hook for most of that money. “The project delays were caused by a number of factors, not the city, but by Toronto Hydro, by private businesses, by a whole bunch of circumstances,” he said. “We’re just saying to go ahead and pay the contractors and we’ll recoup the money ... virtually all of it — so I would say approximately 100 per cent (will be covered) by other parties.”

The most significant expense — a little less than half the total — was caused by delays having to do with underground hydro chambers.