About 1,400 workers at four high-end Vancouver hotels are holding a strike vote today.


From doorman to servers at the Hyatt Regency, Renaissance Vancouver, Westin Bayshore and Four Seasons hotels, workers are looking for improved conditions.


Union representative Laura Moye said “bed wars” between hotels have spiked the size of beds, workloads have increased and workers, specifically housekeepers, are suffering from repetitive strain injuries. Valentina Kovac, from Westin Bayshore said hotel workers do not earn enough to afford homes.


“Most people have other part-time jobs or two part-time jobs (to get by,)” she said.

Allan Vanegas, a banquet server at the Westin Bayshore said with increasing business on the way with the construction of the Convention Centre, workers should expect more money.

“It is becoming the number one industry in Vancouver. These hotels are spending all this money renovating rooms. We are asking hotels to invest in us, and treat us with respect.”